Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Favorite Post-Workout Recovery Snack

After we're done with a long run or workout, the snack we enjoy most is healthy and EASY and delicious.

Creamy, frothy and comforting, this snack is top of mind at the end of our workout.  We can't wait to get to the kitchen!

Three things you need:

1) A banana, fresh or frozen. A 7" banana has just 105 calories and is packed with nutrition, including lots of vitamin C and potassium.  Curious about it?  Click here to read "Why is Eating a Banana After Jogging Good" by

2)  1 cup of milk.  A cup of 1% milk offers 29% of the calcium and 10% of the vitamin A you need each day, based on a 2,000 calorie diet.  And just 102 calories in a cup!

3)  A blender.  Pop the first two in the blender, cover tightly and blend for about a minute on top speed.

Frozen bananas?  Sure, this is easy too.  Peel a banana, wrap in plastic wrap, then put in ziploc bag in your freezer.  Pop them out when you get back from your workout or your run, and they're ready to go.   Sometimes we add chunks of mango, or a few strawberries (both are great fresh or frozen), or even a canned apricot, too.  Rinse those apricots though..they're usually packed with sugary syrup which adds calories, but not that much taste in our opinion!

Calorie and nutritional information on bananas here.  And the same for milk, here.

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