Friday, June 15, 2012

Just be thankful it isn't 1895!

Over the next couple of weeks, Texas Mountain Trail will roll out a great story...the story of the first woman to ride a bike around the world and her visit to El Paso on that exciting adventure.  When did it take place?  Exactly 117 years ago.
I am...a new woman, if that term means that I believe I can do anything
that any man can do." -Annie Londonderry

In 1895, cycling was a craze in El Paso as well as many other parts of the country.  At the time, women were starting to ride bikes, but were faced with a serious question...what to wear?  Long skirts could prove dangerous, but bloomers weren't socially acceptable yet.  Here's a clip from the El Paso Herald's front page from June 21, 1895!!

and from June 15, 1895!
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