Sunday, June 2, 2013

One Tip: Choosing a fitness top

Stonewear Designs
Dryflex Double Cross Top in black
 I've been a runner about ten years now, and as my fitness level changes and my body changes, I've noticed a few things.  I used to be able to pick any fitness top or running bra off the shelf or out of a catalog and it would work for me.  I selected mostly for looks.

That's no longer the case.

Here's what I've learned:  when I sweat my skin doesn't like latex or elastic much.  If I don't pull off my running clothes and head to the shower right away, the next day I get red patches where the top offers support...where all the elastic is sewn in.

The summer months are the worst.  At times, the red patches would get sore, and it became uncomfortable to wear even regular clothes, let alone snug running gear.
Inside a "Hot Stripe" Double Cross top,
notice the elastic is fully covered,

About a year ago, I had the good fortune to be selected as a Grassroots Ambassador for Stonewear Designs, an outdoor/adventure clothing company with products just for women. It was my delight to discover in the first shipment of clothes, their Dryflex Double Cross Top.  It fit all my criteria:

1)  Looks great (love the double straps on the back!)
2)  Made of moisture wicking material
3)  All the elastic was covered with soft, breathable none of it rubbed against my skin.

Take a look inside at the inner elastic!

After months of running in the Double Cross, I can tell you it solved my problem.  I have three of them, they're at the top of my running clothes pile, and they're my "go to" faves. Shortly, my "year" as an ambassador will come to a close, but because of the comfort they give me, I'll be ordering more Double Cross tops from Stonewear this summer!

Oh, and one more thing...unlike many attractive running tops with an interesting design, the Double Cross is actually EASY to get on and take off!  I hate having to twist around like a pretzel to get dressed and undressed, don't you? 
Stonewear Designs' "Cool Stripe" Dryflex
Double Cross Top

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