Monday, January 30, 2012

But what about my @*#%&! *# purse?

There's even room for more, but here's two phones your keys
and an energy "shot" ready to go into my 5 year old SPIbelt

All packed in, and remarkably still easy to wear around the waist!
If you're new to fitness, there are all these, "'but, what do you do with your purse?"  We know; we've been there!

Last week, we encouraged y'all to find a new place for your workout--a botanical garden, a historic site, a park.  But we know you're less likely to get in the car and take a chance on a new place if you don't know what to do with all the "stuff" you normally carry about--phone, keys, incidentals.

Are we right?

Here's a solution:  there are some neat products out there that hold an AMAZING amount of "stuff" comfortably snug and secure about your waist while you run or walk.  Our SPIbelt is made of soft, stretchy fabric with a fully adjustable belt, and it is very comfortable to wear.  It "breathes" as you sweat, so it doesn't feel hot.  It also doesn't bounce as you move.  That's a big plus.

I've had the same SPIbelt for five years now, and it has never failed me.  I use it at least 3-4 times a week and it manages to fit in everything I need during my run.  (I usually just put one phone in there, and my keys, but as you can see, it can hold MUCH MUCH more than that!)  You can see more testimonials here, on their website.  I got mine at a marathon expo, but you can find them in some stores, or you can order it online.


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