Sunday, January 1, 2012

What are your happy workout tunes? (and how do you feel about going back to 1983?)

I like to load up my ipod for runs with a variety of tunes.  Some current, some classic, some esoteric.  And yet, I'm a little embarrassed to even suggest this one, as hopelessly out of date this is...but it meets my criteria for a good workout song for the ipod.

Irrepressible beat?  Yes.
Cheery lyrics?  Yes.
And cheesy as it seems now, it inspired an early, early Jack Black appearance ....(search for "High Fidelity Monday Morning tape" on YouTube)

For this is the only tune to singlehandedly inspire me to add an extra lap to a workout...that's how much it keeps me going especially on these cold winter days.  (The boys in the band are colder than you are, because you're running!)

Here's the point:  load up your ipod with music that makes YOU happy, music that keeps you going.  That's all that counts.  Your workout ipod selections can't be any more embarrassing than this one...which songs boost your workout?

1 comment:

  1. No one would *ever* be able to figure me out from my workout playlist. It's called, simply, Run. I've got some classic Queen (Fat Bottomed Girls), a little head-banging Van Halen, Prince, P!nk, and even some disco. And yes, 80s music is there too. Also because I'm the mother of a 10-year old girl, you might even find some Miley Cyrus on there. Shhh, don't tell anyone. :)