Thursday, January 19, 2012


You know the books you keep around, ones that end up scuffed and battered, the pages falling out or dog-eared because you use them ALL the time?  Meet Bob Anderson's Stretching. I must have picked it up shortly after the first printing in 1980, and finally replaced my beat up copy when the 30th anniversary edition was available.

There are routines for stretching while watching TV, for sitting at a desk, for the usual sports (running, hiking, swimming, cycling, etc.) but also for unusual ones, like RODEO!

And even if you can't quite achieve the leg-splitting stretch on the cover (yeah, me neither!), well, I think it is worth a look.  There's something here for folks of all ages and fitness levels, from very basic beginners to multi-sport athletes.

Why I like it?  The routines are simple, drawings are easy to understand, it doesn't take long (you're even given a time estimate!) and you do feel SO much better after a few minutes.

Why stretch?  Take a look at this article by the Mayo Clinic...which cites stretching as a benefit for improving athletic performance and reducing the risk of injury.  There's good information here about getting started with a stretching routine.

Want to take a peek at a routine from Anderson's book?  Here's one for travelers (approximately 2 minutes), and another for gardeners (approximately 4 minutes).  Enjoy!

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