Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Great Travel Dress

We're so happy to be in partnership with Stonewear Designs, a wonderful made-in-the-USA women's clothing company specialising in looks for active women. Texas Mountain Trail Executive Director, and Stonewear Design's Grassroots Ambassador, Beth Nobles, tests the Riva Dress.
In front of El Paso's historic
Plaza Theatre (click to get
a closer look)
"The Riva dress fell out of my suitcase wrinkle-free--I had been on the road a few days already--and just slipped it on.  Rarely I get such a perfect fit.  It was soft and moved with me all day long, from a public speaking engagement in the morning to bopping around in El Paso's downtown cultural campus and museum to museum in the mid-day sun, to dinner at the end of the day.  The knit was light enough to breathe from the cool morning temperatures to the late afternoon heat, and the long sleeves protected me from the sun."
 "Gorgeous color (now that I've got one in Pomegranate, I want one in Snow and one in Black!) and this is a dress that can take me anywhere.  I'm on the road about half the time, and the Riva is appropriate for visits to the State Capitol, nice restaurants, business meetings and speaking engagements."
View a slideshow of our visit to downtown El Paso wearing Stonewear Design's Riva Dress!

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