Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why get your exercise outdoors?

Sure, you can stroll through a mall to get your exercise for the day, and some days the weather calls for it, particularly if there's lightning or ice out there. 

But if you stay inside for all your workouts, you miss a bigger experience, and we daresay a better experience.  There's a big big world out there, and we're not alone.  Take your time on the trail, and you can pick up clues about the animals that share the trail with YOU.

The best time to see wildlife is typically early or late in the day, but even if you head out in midday, you may see tracks in the sand.  This morning we saw bird tracks, lizard tracks, mouse prints, and pronghorn tracks. 

So take your time when you're out there, and look down!  What do you see? 

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