Monday, September 10, 2012

Green, green, green!

Much of the country has been suffering through drought, including our beautiful Far West Texas, however lately we've been blessed with rain and our entire region is greening up nicely.  Now's a GREAT time to get out on the trail!  Here are some shots taken on Friday in Big Bend National Park, along the Lost Mine Trail.


Here's a link to the park's webpage on mountain hikes in Big Bend's Chisos Mountains, including the Lost Mine trail we took on Friday!

And hikers in Guadalupe Mountains National Park or Franklin Mountains State Park, have you logged your miles in the Peak Fitness Challenge?  Do so, and you could win far we've all hiked 635 miles!  This is a free, fun challenge for everyone, with VERY easy to VERY challenging hikes in both parks!  Sign up here, and join our facebook community here!

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